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The Corps Magazine Pages

The Corps Magazines are split up into 6 pages.

Page 1
- introduction, past editors, index
Page 2 - front covers no     1-108
Page 3 - front covers no 109-125
Page 4 - front covers no 126-142
Page 5 - front covers no 143-159 (this page)
Page 6
- front covers no 160-180

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  Front Covers of The Classic Corps Magazines

no. 143
June 1980

The backbone of the corps. Wo1 A Sharp, D Shepherd, J Peters, T Mickley, F Lyle and D Gates. it is believed that this is the first occasion that all our wo1s have been photographed together


no. 144
September 1980

Corps weekend


no. 145
December 1980

The GOC south east district lt general sir George Cooper present the boxing trophy to Ssgt stoten, 521 coy team boxing coach


no. 146
March 1981

Winter warfare

no. 147
June 1981

Lt Col J D S Taylor and the commanding officer of T S pioneer, lt Peter Longstaff with cadets leading seaman Alan Blackburn and Arron Street, Able Seamen Nash and Wren, Ordinary Seaman Ayre and new entries Watson and Palmer


no. 148
September 1981


no. 149
December 1981

The corps defence company, RPC less the company commander who took the photograph


no. 150
April 1982

Sgt Fielding, cpl Smithson, Pte Green, Cpl Fisher (instructor, depot queens division), Wo2 Warren, Sgt Smithson, Lt Joyce


no. 151
September 1982

Lt J H Smith FRGS, who is the stores officer of the anglo-canadian north Sumatra expedition 1983. Sumatra is in the eastern part of the Indian ocean and the research location will be Kutaradja


no. 152
December 1982

HM The Queen inspects the Royal Guard of Honour

no. 153
April 1983

The outgoing garrison Sgt Major wo1 (RSM) R Ledgeway with his relief WO1 (RSM) T Warren with the prime minister during her recent visit to the Falkland Islands

no. 154
September 1983

Maj Gen Julian Thompson RM major general training, reserve forces RM presents the inter services judo trophy to cpl Stuart Travis RPC, Capt of the army judo team. the army have won this trophy every since the contest began 14 years ago.

no. 155
December 1983

This is the latest in addition to the corps silver collection. it depicts an Indian member of the corps leading his mule over a rugged section of an Italian mountain during World War II. the inscription reads: "these were no conscripts, these men of India. no enemy threatened their homes or future freedom. the king-emperor had need of them and that was enough." it was designed and made by John Willmin, who has now designed and made three items in the corps collection


no. 156
May 1984

The Mayor of Northampton, Councillor Roger Winter
read the Freedom Scroll to the Parade.

  click here to read about this event in detail

no. 157
August 1984

Major Wither off loading his dinghy 'Pioneer' at Aldeburgh on 15 June. on 29 July he was sighted at Inverness

no. 158
December 1984

The new cap badge

no. 159
April 1985

The new corps badge was presented to our small contingent by lt Col McLeod, the CO of the soldiers employed at the staff college.

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