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The Corps Magazine Pages

The Corps Magazines are split up into 6 pages.

Page 1
- introduction, past editors, index
Page 2 - front covers no     1-108
Page 3 - front covers no 109-125 (this page)
Page 4 - front covers no 126-142
Page 5 - front covers no 143-159
Page 6
- front covers no 160-180

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  Front Covers of The Classic Corps Magazines

no. 109
December 1971

Theatres in which the Royal Pioneer Corps served from 1939-1945-
laying the foundations for the title 'Royal'

no. 110
March 1972

Some items of the central officers mess silver

no. 111
June 1972

Corps ambassadors - Pte Vanstone, Cpl Anderson and Pte Broady 521 company in Hong Kong on detachment with 33 Field Sqn RE


no. 112
September 1972

Recruits displaying their PT ability at the open day Simpson Barracks 10th June 1972

no. 113
December 1972

During his walk about the ARMEX 1972 site in torrential rain, the mayor of West Bromwich, councilor Bill Manifold, discovered that the RPC carries the same motto as the borough. showing the badge on his chain of office to Lcpl Tony Carroll, Cpl Sammy Biel and Ptes Bill Nelson and Harold Foster. left is Brigadier Charles Barker, director of Armex


no. 114
March 1973

Pioneers in Gibraltar, Lcpl Hunter, Ptes Mills, Casey


no. 115
June 1973

Jerry the tracker bloodhound with his handler, Lcpl T Stanton, in N Ireland. this picture appeared in February 1973 issue of Soldier


no. 116
September 1973

The director of army pioneers and labour, brigadier H W Freeman, speaking with lcpl D J Arnold of the corps of drums


no. 117
December 1973

Her majesty the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, pauses at the Corps plot in the field of rememberance, Westminster abbey.


no. 118
March 1974

Lcpl Tich Marr with Ptes Miller and Hardy, members of the platoon dog section - D & E pln HQ N Ireland

no. 119
June 1974

Recruits in training for the rotary raft race - Northampton - team coach, assistants and team during a lull in training

no. 120
September 1974

During his visit to Northern Ireland Harry Secombe talks with pioneers. Capt D Tilleke, Pte Davison, Cpl Hopkins, Lcpl Cumbo (concealed), Lcpl Johnson

no. 121
December 1974

Pte R J Choppin of 518 Company helps to sort things out in Cyprus


no. 122
March 1975

Five daughters of late Sgt J P Scully GC with their father's medals which they have presented to the corps museum. Mrs Valerie Fowler, Miss Jacqueline Scully, Miss Marguerite Scully, Mrs Eileen Smith and Mrs Maureen Jenkins. Lt Col J A Haynes, commandant RPC training centre is with the ladies

no. 123
June 1975

The staff of training company - RPC training centre 1975
rear - Lcpl M J Banks, Lcpl R Bennett, Cpl I Dewsnap, Sgt R J Kelly APTC, Cpl D R Scott, Lcpl R T L Beckford, Lcpl R J Fox centre - Cpl P C Mullen, Cpl K L Jones, Sgt M Emmott, Sgt M D Smith, Sgt A Cardow, Cpl R W Foy, Lcpl F Guy front - Ssgt R McWilliams, Wo2 J O St Hill, Capt J Robb, Major R L Wildgoose, Lt G M Downey, Ssgt F Salmon, Sgt J Dunbar.

no. 124
September 1975

Duel in the sun. on 11th june 1975 officers and ladies of 45 group challenged and shot it out with officers and ladies of 7 Versorgungs battalion of the Budeswehr. in photo Mrs Mills, Mrs Spears, Mrs Ingle, Mrs Read, Mrs Taylor and Wo2 White and Capt B Markham

no. 125
December 1975

In Northern Ireland - Ptes Ken Hood, Smudger Smith and Chris Rix relax with their motorcycles

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