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The Corps Magazine Pages

The Corps Magazines are split up into 6 pages.

Page 1
- introduction, past editors, index
Page 2 - front covers no     1-108
Page 3 - front covers no 109-125
Page 4 - front covers no 126-142 (this page)
Page 5 - front covers no 143-159
Page 6
- front covers no 160-180

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  Front Covers of The Classic Corps Magazines

no. 126
March 1976

Capt M Schofield RPC with det comd capt Miller RA and Atpr Sparks at Caye Corker talking with the young local villages. cayes are small islands on the barrier reef of Belize


no. 127

Pte Percival, 206 company receiving the company team championship cup at the corps skill at arms meeting


no. 128
September 1976

Capt B H Martindale RPC a member of the British army and royal Nepalese army expedition Everest 1976


no. 129
December 1976

Mrs P Horne, wife of the late WO1 (RSM) T T Horne MM RASC, presents her husbands medals and those of her father, the late Lcpl W Bedford, 13th Hussars and the mounted military police, to the Corps museum. Lt Col D M Hainsworth DSC receives them on behalf of the Corps.

no. 130
March 1977

The Colonel Commandant, lt gen Sir Hugh Brach KCB OBE MC, inspects the quarter guard during his visit to 522 company on 30th November 1976


no. 131
June 1977

The ceremony of the keys - Magilligan 1977. all smiles from 518 company


no. 132
September 1977

Pte M A Suddaby of 521 company - shooting iffley weir near Oxford


no. 133
December 1977

The Colonel in chief inspects the guard of honour


no. 134
March 1978

Combined services - the three armed services together with the civil police on duty at Simpson Barracks during the fireman's strike


no. 135
June 1978

Corps of drums, april 1978

no. 136
September 1978

Old (and not so old) comrades - corps weekend, 1978

no. 137
December 1978

The reward for 206 Coy sponsored marchers. left - 2Lt Bailey, Lcpl Mountain, Pte Bolt, Lcpl Morden, Ptes Oxley and Bashford, right - Ptes Head, Dudley, Smitheram and McCrum, Miss Great Britain, Sarah Long in the centre

no. 138
March 1979

Capt J Allen and Sgt S R Burden at the Craigavon ski centre, County Armagh. capt Allen is the army ski association representative in Northern Ireland


no. 139
June 1979

Corps champion shot 1979 Col G Musselwhite

no. 140
September 1979

The chairman of the Northampton branch of the association, mr Bill Green, lays a wreath at the corps war memorial at the conclusion of the drumhead service

no. 141
December 1979

During her annual visit to the royal british legion field of rememberance at westminster abbey on 8 November Her Majesty The Queen Mother spent quite a few moments talking to member of the Corps at the RPC plot. she is pictured chatting to Wo2 J C Peters of 521 company

no. 142
March 1980

The director, brigadier A F Mutch ADC, accompanied by his wife and daughter, leaving Buckingham Palace after being presented by HM The Queen with the insignia of the CBE on Tuesday 4 March

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