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23 Pioneer Regiment

Story about 23 Pioneer
section commander in Madedonia.

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  Shaun paves the way for refugees

Shaun Studzinski is one of thousands of troops which have been sent to Macedonia as the Kosovo situation escalates. Shaun, aged 31, is among 4,000 British troops which have been sent to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, ready to move into Kosovo if NATO decide on that course of action.

Shaun, a former pupil at Kings Grove School in Crewe, is a Section Commander with 23 Pioneer Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps (RLC). The corps is responsible for guarding the British National Base and also carrying out construction tasks. The Regiment has been busy keeping the port and railhead secure as millions of pounds worth of equipment is brought ashore and prepared for delivery to the armoured units who are preparing to move into Kosovo.

Shaun and his section have also been preparing the campsites for the thousands of refugees who have fled into Macedonia to be cared for by the British Army. "It has been hard work," said Shaun, who has two children Leanne, aged 13, and Kyle, aged six. "But the smiles of thanks and relief from the refugees made all the effort worthwhile."

Shaun worked as a painter and decorator before joining the army in 1989 and his mum, Janet, still lives in Crewe. She says: "He always wanted to join the army, even before he left school and I wouldn't let him. Then one day he came in and said he'd done it. He's been in the army for nine years and said he's going to sign up for life."
"He's done four tours to Ireland, he was in the Gulf war, Bosnia twice, Germany for three years and now here."
"I was really scared when he was in Ireland, now I get depressed when you see all the things that are happening. But I'm very proud of him."

Tent Erection A newly   arrived Kosovar family   watch as their new home is   erected before them at the   NATO Refugee handling   centre at Brazda,   Macedonia. The soldiers   from the British contingent   are from the Pioneer Corps   based at Bicester, have   helped to erected enough   tents to house the   estimated 27,000 refugees   in the camp.


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