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23 Pioneer Regiment

Story about a BBC
documentary finding the Toughest Jobs in Britain.

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  BBC - Toughest Jobs in Britian - BBC1 Friday 26 April, 19:00 - 19:30

Pre Desert Patrol, 187 Sqn Oman


BBC Cameraman and checking equipment


Jeremy Spake is out to find the toughest job in Britain. He visits the 23 Pioneer Regiment in Oman, faces angry commuters with a Railtrack manager and joins the circus as a knife-thrower's assistant.

Jeremy visited my section in Oman for a week
filming the programme and the series is now
complete my section won and the BBC as a
present payed for a flight for me and the whole
section back to uk as you will see on the box.

Cpl Jim Reeves
187 (Tancred) Sqn



BBC cameraman with state of the art reinforced lens camera !


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